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Thread: Anadrol+Anavar

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    Wuz up fellas, I justed wanted to know if their is any combination that I could do with anadrol ande anavar . I have 120, 10mg BTG Anavar pills. I also have sime left over androl50, about20 of them. I wanted to know if I could maybe take 25mga day of the anadrol to help jump start and add some mass. I know that Anadrol bloats which is what I wanted to avoid, but maybe at that low of a dose plus the anavar I wont retain as much water, I don't know if that makes sense but maybe somebody has a suggestion. By the way I am 194 with about 12%bf my goal now is to stay around this weight but lower bf I would'nt mind throwing on 5-10pounds of lean mass.

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    no no no....

    your gains will be a fart in the wind bro.... wait until you get some test, more anadrol and more anavar .


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    yea I agree with Alien, you def. need some test, and running both of them at the same time is not such a great idea.. Also like you said you want to stay at the same weight, IMO anavar would be a better choice than drol.. but first things first, get some test...

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    Test should be the base of every cycle

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