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    Gearing up for winter bulker

    How's it going bro's long time no post, but low and behold here i am agian. After being screwed out of almost a grand worth of gear i'm back. I plan running this bulker

    1-12 Test E (split Mon/fri)@ 500mg/wk
    1-6 Dbol 30mg/ED

    I have clomid and novla on hand for PCT. My question is some of my armidex is almost a year old it's a 25ml bottle from AG dosed at 1mg/ml. First off is it still good, and second what would the dosage scheme for running it through my cycle. Can I get away with just running armidex through my cycle?

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    It should be just fine. That is just my opinion.

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    i certainly like arimidex to be gyno here and i only take 1/2ml a day

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