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    Advice for new user

    I am a 31 year old male who had, until recently, never used steroids as I felt my results were fine as they were. However, in the last year I have developed many nagging aches and pains and finally succumbed to trying deca . I have been using it for 5 weeks and have noticed some minor improvements both in the pain I was experiencing and in my strength. The person who provided me with the deca has now told me I should add a small dose of testosterone as well since using just deca could affect my libido. Is this true? If so, how much should I take since I am not looking to make any significant gains in size?

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    hormone replacement doses then, like 200mg per week. and if you are having pain and you do not want to get bigger why not get something from a doc for arthritis or whatever you have. or an anti inflamitory?? How much deca are you taking? and be prepared to get shut down(your nuts that is) without the benifits of lean muscle mass.

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    you shouldve had test to begin with...deca should not be used for a first cycle...imo....test cyp or test e wouldve been a much better choice...especially when useing deca, test shouldve been your base
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    What they have said is true DECA DICK can be pretty crappy!!! With low dose's you shoud be ok, not to bad. For what your describing, first you shouldnt of just started using a drug that someone gave you! You should have researched about AAS and then you wouldv'e known that some type of test should be involved in there! As far as the aches and pains i feel ya! I had 2 knee surgeries and ever since I jumped on my first cycle my knee no longer aches after the whole day walking around etc..
    TEST and DECA in my opinion do the best for lubeing the joints!

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    Go to a doctor, dont take roids.

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    if you don't want gains you should go to the doc and get something, otherwise you should have been usin some test in that cycle too. good luck bro

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    why mess with steroids if u r not looking for size in the first place.....

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