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    Open Apology to the "vets"

    I want to apologize for listing a source name, I jumped on this board and thought it was the best info i had ever read, and started asking about a certain source. I have now read all the rules and understand completely why i should not have done so. i was just trying to find out how to get it straight from the source to save myself from those gym prices. But I will just be satisfied that i can get the gear at all from now on. I really enjoy the knowledge i get from this board. I have been using and researching for the past 8 years, and the guys on this board are impressing. When I was in college I became close friends with the chemistry teacher which is the head of a cancer research project at the university. He has tested numerous amps and orals for me in his spare time, he is a very cool guy. I do have a little knowledge on some of the ones that were underdosed or fake. I am very suprised that we find more amps faked than 10cc bottles. that was suprising to me. that is just a litle info on me to let everyone know I do take this serious. Anyway i hope my apology is accepted.

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    You had better bow down!! j/k yeah bro we all mess up from time to time, my first post here was asking for a source. lol

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    LOL...Yeah, the boys will whip you into shape really fast around here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kafabe
    Are you just a fan of wrestling? It's spelt Kayfabe btw.

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    My first question was what size needle do I use for a substance I knew nothing about...... I was Told a year ago.......READ< READ< READ < and learn more!

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