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Thread: tren kicks ass

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    tren kicks ass

    okay guys had a question i have a high bodyfat but i got e ca stuff and lipo 6 lots of eperdrine hcl too lose weight later

    the questions is this i wanna put on much muscle from tren and test and winny as i can what should i do go high calories and high carbs and high protein get something like heavyweight gainer 900 or should i get isopure high protein low carb and low caloreis . and how do get cut from winny low carbs help im confused i heard high calories equals more muscle my cycle is this

    1-12 tren acetate 100mg/m1
    1-14 test e
    12-16 winny
    16-19 jump straight into pct

    how much can i gain from this cycle and high calories or low help desperate expert help needed moderators help

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    ok bro well first its impossible to judge what kind of gains and whatnot ull get. it all depends on training diet and u. thats a great stack to use as a cutter. ull get good gains and theyw ill be fairly lean. i hope ur takin the winni daily and the tren daily if not eod.

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    You probably should run the test two weeks passed both the tren and winny. You really can't get huge and cut at the same time. Either go high cals,carbs and pro or lower cals, carbs and high pro to get lean. If you decide to do the first and get bigger then I would save the winny.

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