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    Young Cousin Wants To Use Gear

    My 16 yr old cousin who plays football is determined to get his skrawny frame big and he wants to juice. When I was the same age and used only prohormones it messed me up pretty bad, despite that he wont listen to a word I say. Maybe you guys could lay down the side effects, best and worst scenerios. If the little guy wont listen to me, maybe he'll listen to advice from you guys.

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    Oh boy, here we go again. Biggest problem will be the closure of his growth plates, which will stop him from growing anymore. It will also probably screw up his natural Test production which is starting to peak right about now. Where is he going to get the money from at 16 to buy gear and supplements to do this anyway ? He needs a good slapping IMHO !
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    Quote Originally Posted by seanw
    Where is he going to get the money from at 16 to buy gear and supplements to do this anyway ?
    his mommy probably gives him an allowance. lol

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    umm i did my first cycle when i was 17 and i worked full time and paid all of my bills(phone, car insurance) .. but back to the subject at hand. you guys know how kids are once they make up their minds their set in stone all you can do is educate him and let him make an educated decision on his own. and yes i do regret juicing at such a young age but only because i didnt have my diet right and i injured myself 7 weeks in..

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