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    your thoughts on what my next cyle should be?????

    cyle experience- my 1st eq alone 400mgs 5 weeks(i know really stupid)

    my 2nd test e- 500mgs for 10 weeks, and deca 9 weeks 300mgs a week. went from 186 to 211. im about 201 right now.

    i was just wondering some of what your ideas would be for me to try. this will be my 3rd cyle. my goal is to put on good muscle and size. but i wanna try to keep bloat down. Myface on my last cyle looked a basketball

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    go with fina and test prop(find human grade or at least painless), shoot 75mg prop with 50mg fina every day or if you want higher doses 100mg test prop and 75mg ed. take arimidex .5mg eod or femera1.25mg ed and with that take 10mg nolva. Do this for 10weeks. I would also take some hcg in there because of the tren and have clomid for your pct(about 3days after last shot)

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    if you dont wanna do ED injections then this is always a solid cycle

    wk 1-15 test E 500mg
    wk 1-14 EQ 400mg
    wk 12-17 winny 50mg ED

    nolva 10mg ed
    start pct 2 weeks after last test shot

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