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    300mg, 350mg, or 400mg/week Test E for 1st time?

    5'11 185 pounds 12% BF or so

    Looking mostly for athletic gains, would like to see an increase of 10 pounds or so.

    What should I run my dosage at? I was orginally planning on 250/mg week, but am now considering to just run it higher. I added to the order and will now have enough to run any of the mentioned dosages. What would YOU do given my wants and needs? I think being right at 195-200 (after the cycle) would be ideal for my first time.

    I do not need or want any serious bloat/mass gain (my career requires me to remain quick and agile)

    Nolva 10mg ED throughout cycle and Clomod 300/100/50 for PCT


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    i personally hink u should do 500mg/week but go with 400mg/week if u dont wanna go to 500. run it for 10-12 weeks.

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