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Thread: Winnie results?

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    Winnie results?

    I just finished a stack of Enthate and EQ, I took two weeks off and just started injections of Winnie. I am taking 1cc EOD. How long before I see results, and what should my results be like, as this is my first experience with Winnie.

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    You should have stacked the winny with EQ. That would have yeilded better result. If you are "bridging" with winny, you wont see too much "gains". But the gains you've made on your test and EQ will be more solidify.

    IMO stopt the winny and save it for the next cycle. Winny injectables are pretty expensive. Have you gone thru clomid treatment? If not clomid would be more important than the winny.

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    why would you take 2 weeks off...should have started it in your cycle...and 1cc that 100mg/ will get better results doing it 50mg ED...due to the short half life

    are you injecting or drinking..if you are drinking..i would even split it up into 25mg 2 times a day

    just my 2 sents

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    you need to stop the winny now and wait longer before using AS again. time on = time off. then stack eq with winny.

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