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    How long in between cycles

    Last cycle looked like this.

    D-bol weeks 1-6
    winny weeks 4-8

    Started reading and doing more research and stopped it immediately and began clomid usage. I have ran clomid for 5 weeks and am now running Tongkat ALi, Trib, and ZMA.

    My question is how should I let my body recover until I start my next one?

    My next cycle will be Test Cyp,Winny,Proviron .

    any help will be apprecitated

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    make a bt and see how u recovered. thumb rule is time on=time off. btw who told u to do such a horrible cycle? was it oral winstrol u used? afraid of pins? 8 weeks of 17 aa steroids , u should definitely get a blood test.

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    time off=time on, not test=no cycle

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    Rule of thumb is time off = time on but that is a flawed way to look at things. You need to get bloodwork done prior to EVERY cycle to see if your body is ready. Then at least one more time when you come off everything so you know how your body reacted to what you put in there.

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