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    Arimidex=how much more free test?

    If NOT using an aromatizing inhibitor (L-dex e.t.c) during a Test much of my 750 mg per week of Test is converting into estrogen on average? Any guesses? What percentage of the Test converts to estrogen on average and is it dose dependent?

    If USING an aromitizing much of 750 mg Test will convert into estrogen...theoretically none?

    Would the addition of the excess free Test by using the aromitizing inhibitor offset the cost of the L-dex? So..would it be a financially equal trade-off?...the cost of the L-dex but addition of more Test?

    just wondering about this bros..

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    This is a good question but it simply cannot be answered. There are way too many factors that involved. Don't worry about the money and what not, worry about estrogenic side effects, BP etc, things that really matter.

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