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    question on test e

    i'm currently on 500mg sus250 and 400mg deca i ran dbol at 25mg ed for the first four weeks. i come up on some test e i have 18cc. would it be a waste to throw it in there im on week 6 of my cycle. if so how long should i run the cycle for. i was originally going to run it for 15wks. if i decide to add test e how long can i run this for. oh yeah i also take tamox 20mg ed. any advice would help.

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    Yes, it would be a waste, it would just start to kick in when your cycle was ending...

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    no you can add it in. it will not just start kicking when the cycle ends, that is not how esters work

    esters release the highest amount within 24-36hrs after injection, the delay before feeling anything is due to plasma levels, which will already be built up so there will not be delay

    you raise your total test to 700 if you feel it is nessicary

    or where you wanting to go past 15, if so, you could run another 600 for 5 more weeks without the deca ok

    id look into adding some hcg in pct if that is the case though

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