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    How to end cycle

    Hi all,
    I've started my second cycle and I was wondering what could be the best to add at the end before starting PCT.
    My stats:
    Age: 34
    Bf 10%

    Here's my cycle
    1-8 Test Prop 75mg ED
    1-6 Eq 600mg/week
    1-14 Nolva 10mg ED
    1-14 Vit B6 250 mg ED

    From week 10 regular Clomid PCT
    My goal is to achieve 8 lbs of solid muscles keeping water retention as much low as possible.
    I know for many of you this one looks like a short cycle but I just need a "short" boost and my question is if I can add something oral like winny at the end or if I can be fine with it just as it is now.

    Thanks for any helpful advise.

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    EQ doesn't even kick in until week 4 or 5, so running it for 6 weeks is totally pointless.

    Just some 411.


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