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    Apr 2004

    Whats going on here???????

    Cycle: 1-4 Dbol 25mg
    1-12 Test E 500mg
    1-12 Deca 400mg


    In the first 5 weeks of the cycle I got very very strong and was loving life!! I could not believe it. I thought this was going to be a great cycle. Then in the middle of week 5 when the DBOL would have weared off I started to lose all my strength gains. Now I am back to where I started in regards to my strength. However, I am keeping some nice size gains still though. What do you guys think?? Bunk Gear?? I don't even feel that good in the gym. I am currenlty in week 11. NEED HELP????

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    Sep 2004
    ****it!! that is the exact same cycle I am about to run. good luck wish I could help. Has the diet still been in check the lst couple of weeks because that is the key??

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    Hmmm Sounds like your gear is bunk but the orals were good... I would look into your source... assuming your diet and everything else is on track...

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    I would recommend running Deca 1 week less than your Test. How is your diet looking? What was your weight when you started, after 1st 4 weeks, and now? You might want to PM some Vets and Mods to see if any other problems reported from your source. You could also have your gear tested.

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