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    Arrow the pro's + cons about dianabol only cycles (newbies read this)

    First off there are loads of threads that are available to you guys thinking of doing a dianabol only cycle if you just take the time to search and in no way is this the be all and end all in the matter this is soleley meant to give you the rough basics of the does + dont's.

    Make sure you know exactly what you are putting in your bodies and the full effects it can have on you especially if you are under the age of 21 in which case i would strongly recommend that you do NOT use any type of AAS untill you have reached your naturall potential. before you even consider ordering your juice.

    There are many mis-conceptions about oral cycles such as dianabol alone this is due mostly if not 95% to the fact of personal prefrences and experiences and none of them are wrong.however there are alot of bad points to doing such a cycle such as most of what you gain will be made up of water and you will lose most it if not all of the water gaines made whilst on dianabol in a very short time after finishing your cycle which can cause you to become depressed and withdrawn from training.But then there are no reason why if you complete the cycle properly and complete proper pct that you can't make some good gains on dianabol alone again this is down to personal experience for instance.

    person #1 could take 30 mg ed for 6 weeks with good pct and gain 10-15lbs good muscle and retain very little water throughout.

    person #2 could take 30 mg ed for 6 weeks and gain10-15lbs and even with the best pct lose it all as it is most if not all made up of water.

    So as i said earlier it really does depend on the individual + there diet,training experience,weight etc etc.

    here are a few links that may be off help to you but the number 1 thing to remember is research-research-research some more remember information will cost you nothing messing around with substances you know nothing about could cost you your life!

    credit goes to:MIKE GUEST for this thread.
    Are orals really that toxic?
    [/URL] http://forums.steroid .com/showthread.php?t=251&referrerid=31857[/URL]

    Credit goes to GYA321 for this thread.
    dianabol as a supplement (good read)
    Dbol as a supplement? Interesting read!

    Credit goes to KAZ for this thread.
    Oral only experiment + results.
    Oral Only Cycle (DBol) - An Experiment and some Results

    And if after all of this you are still addiment that you want to do a dianabol only cycle then you should follow a cycle simmuler to this.

    weeks 1-6 15-30mg d-bol ed
    weeks 1-6 20mg nolva ed
    weeks 6-9 10mg nolva ed
    weeks 6-9 pct clomid day1 300mg days2-11 100mg ed days 12-21 50 mg ed
    weeks 6-9 1000mg milk thistle ed

    PCT for dianabol only cycles should be started 24 hours after last administration of dianabol.

    Now this is in no way an exact rule to follow but merely a guide as to the quantities and products you will need.

    As i have said throughout this post different people experience different gains losses and side affects this is an individual thing and you should not ever just follow the instruction of 1 person because they supposedly gained 20lbs and had no side affects i can't stress enough the importance of research.

    For those of you that are now considering a different cycle what most members here will advise you to do will be to take a test only first cycle this is what i would recommed so that way you can see how you react to test alone and on your next cycle add dianabol and or somthing else.

    I hope this has been of help to you people considering oral only cycles and any members with comment on this thread or notice iny mistakes please feel free to comment as i am still a novice and will be for a good few years to come.
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    nice post

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    interesting read, i agree it really does depend on the individual on whether they will retain the gains made or will lose them.....i guess thers only one way to find out....

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    ..BS.. IMO.

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