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    test shot pain???????????

    I did a test shot wednesday in the quad and it hurts so bad and can barely bend my leg! I've had painful shots before but never like this anyone ever experience this? I have a lump the size of your fist at the injection site.
    It was QV test 250 in a 50ml vial!

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    Next time, heat up some water in a bowl and put the vial in the water for 10 min or so, then draw and shoot. Might help.

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    Talking sorness

    with test Prop Im usually very sore for two to three days in the quads, I heat up my oil with a hair dryer to make the injection easier, also remember to rub the area after injecting to reduce soreness, hot warm towel may help too...

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    QV stuff tends to be painful. The first time that I did their Test 250 the site was sore and swollen for about 10 days. I couldn't even sleep on that side (quads/glutes).

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    padawan..u will eventually learn that the cost diff between humen grade and vet/lab grade is well worth it. Try an ICN, in like butter ! ! All though I hate to say it tornel isnt bad either wven though its vet.

    the 50ml qv eths are NOTORIOUSE for painfull shots. You can heat it till your blue in the face, its gooing to be a painfull cycle
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    i used that sh!t before and it hurt like a bastid when i injected it alone. when i mixed it with eq/tren , no problem with pain at all. the **** just has too high ba content in it.

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