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    Talking Just finished running Deca and Tren together

    I just startin clomid after my 16 week cycle that looked like this
    weeks 1-10 deca 300mg/week
    weeks 1-5 d-bol 30mg/day
    weeks 10-15 tren 75mg e/o/d
    weeks 1-16 ethanate 500mg/week
    weeks 17 & 18 HCG 1000 i.u. e/o/d/
    gained a total of 25lbs on the scale and i never looked better then i do now
    i will also use 600mg/week of cyp insted of ehtanate for my next cycle
    i want to replace deca with Eq..... now my question is would i still be able to gain as much size if i run 450mg of EQ/week insted of deca????
    or should i run 400mg/wweek of deca insted??
    thanks in advance Luke

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    That looks like a nice cycle man! Im going to run somthing similar my next go around.

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    I gonna run something like that too. This is what my looks like.
    Week1-16 Test enanthate750mg
    Week1-14 Deca400mg
    Week1-4 dbol40mg
    Week1-10 Tren enanthate
    Week 3-6 slin (humalog)
    Week12-15 slin (humalog)
    Week12-16 Halotesin25mg

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