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    Doing the same cycle again????

    whats your thoughts on this??? i do about one cycle a yr, so i was wondering if it was okay??? the cycle i wanna repeat is 300mgs of deca for 9 weeks and 500mgs of test e for 10 weeks maybe add 20mgs d-bol a day for 4 weeks this time but not sure. Just looking for some info on this ????

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    if it worked the first time, then why not do it again.. maybe extend it a few weeks longer this time. Do you have pct and ante e's?

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    yeah why not do it again. steroids are hormones. when you are on them, you make gains, without them, you'll stay at what you can naturally but if you go back on, you will make gains. even 250mg test per week will get you GOOD gains. you only produce 40-70mg per week if you're lucky (HRT is even 100mg/week).

    i first started with 500mg, then was stupid and went 1000mg but diet sucked so i didnt gain anything, i knew diet was most important. just be sure to train hard and eat enough good food.

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    I would up the deca to 400mg. You're not going to see more sides from that additional 100mg, but at least you'll know that you're getting the full anabolic effects from Deca. You might want to use test Propionate instead of Dbols, as it seems that you're trying to gain as much with as little side effects as possible. Dbols are harsh, and rather than using 20mg of dbols, I'd rather go 50mg ED of propionate for first 3-4 weeks. At least you'll gain as much as with the dbols, but without the bloat from the dbols.

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    i've pretty much done the same cycle twice with great results. they were one year apart, and i was more then satisfied both times. go for it bro. just run it a lil longer if u can

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