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    Can't walk...again!

    It's been a while since my last calf injection until today. Now I remember why I havn't injected there for so long. I can't walk, stretch, or anything. HaHa I hope I can get things done tomarrow and not be a bum!

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    who not just shot somewhere else ?

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    Calvs aren't excatly the non painfull spots to inject. It's normal.


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    i know how you feel. I dont inject calfs anymore but I gave them a break from working out, then the other day hit them nice and hard in the gym. Its going on 4 days now and I still cant walk very well

    good luck, and remember to shave the injection site so no hair can be taken under the skin

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    Funny, I just started including calves into my ED rotations this cycle (started on 1/10) and mine aren't any more sore then any other injection site. I do, however, keep it to 1cc or less per calf. Maybe that is it?

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