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    Gh for only 16 weeks??

    Im an Advanced Juicer,
    Ive did 3 competitions
    heres my question, Im doin 2000mg of test for 12 weeks 700mg of tren for 8 weeks and halo at 25 mg a day for 4 weeks. I have two 100iu kits for jino for free can I throw it in as follows week 3 throw it in at 2ius a day 5 on 2 off for 16 weeks?? will it work good with the test and also 4 weeks of halo in the begining or end???? and why. Gh and Halo ive never used

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    2iu for 4 months is not enough. It would be a waste.

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    4ius for at least 6-8 months, id save it until you can get more growth, in my opinion..
    i have taken 2ius for 3-4months and not seen many results with the hgh, but when ive done 4ius for 6-8months results are unbelieveable, up to you but id save it and get more and do it proper,

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    In the Gym, if i could
    an ideal use would be

    2 iu's for 2 months.. then 4 months at 4-6 iu's...

    that will add mass and strip fat..

    the 2 iu's before the cycle.. then the 4 while on..

    however.. at 4-6 there may be alot of pain in the joints.. maybe a low dose of deca .
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