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    Steroid closest to Tren (opinions)?

    I did a TEST E and TREN cycle a couple of months ago, loved the gains but had problems with my hairline and other problems. I dont really want to use TREN again because what happened and am wondering what experienced users could suggest would be the closet thing to TREN in my stack with TEST. Unfortunately I figure that there is really no true replacement. I was reading the profiles on the home page but think that only true users would be able to answer and not speculate.

    Any partner(s) for the TEST.

    Another thing is that it has to be something that won't hurt my joints

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    run more test....I'll be the first to admit tren is #1 in my book as far as LBM gains as far as injectables go and it's great for strength..But I had to leave that stuff alone the sides were to much..But I can run just about as much test as I want still get nice gains and the sides arn't near what tren's sides are....I can't sleep on tren, I get agitated real quick, I have night sweats,it sometimes makes me feel kinda sick and unhealthy in large doses..But Ive ran a gram of test with barely any sides as long as Iam taking an aramatose inhibter..IMO test is best...In the doc's opinion too..

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    Not too many just suck it up and get some good haircare products. They have some of those products that help you to not lose your hair and I hear that they work.

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    Anavar IMO

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