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    shine and calf splints on aas

    I was wondering if im the only person that gets splints in my shines and calfs so bad that it even hurts to walk. when i jog they come up fast and i gotta pretty much just walk. but i guess thats from not being able to support all the weight u gain. but i was wondering if they go away once you build enough muscle in them. Or should i not even jog
    any help is appriatied

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    wrong forum guy,...but yes,.there are alot of people with your promblem,..muscles or not.

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    it may be gear specific.

    I know that sounds weird but i only get them when i take winny, No more of that for me. I can't do cardio.

    then theres d-bol that gave me crazy lower back pumps, effected my work out. No more of that.

    What are you taking?

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