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    what is fake primobolan depot

    I have some primo.depot i am pretty sure is if it is what could be in it just not as good as the real stuff.can u still take or throw it away.or should i go visit the person i gotit from if u get my drift.the stuff is lote:P-079B Mar:2006 Reg.AEM:36.558
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    could be the ebola virus or maybe bleach??? Point is you never know. Get rid of it and get a new source.

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    Yeah it could really be anything. More than likely its sterile oil and BA added for pain but it could be anything from motor oil to piss.

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    give it back and get your money back and get a new source then beat him up and take all his gear for giving you that bunk ****, alot of primos in florida are fake as well i just steer clear from those and holland organon yellow top decas

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    most of the time its just sesame oil. go see the ho and get your money back

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