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    Exclamation T4 - Clenbuterol - Test Propionate


    Gday fellas. I have done two reasonable cycles before, and am happy with my size, just want to lean out and cut down on body fat. I am proposing to do the above cycle - noting that i am using Thyroxinne (T4) rather then T3 (due to its' lack of availability in Australia). I am not completely sure what is the best way to run the T4 and CLEN , thus i am seeking any knowledge that anyone out there may have. I am going to run it as such;

    Wks 1-12: Testosterone Propionate (1mL ED - 6 days per week)
    Wks 1-6: Clenbuterol (starting off at 100mcg per day up to 200mcg per day - then remaining at such for whole 6 weeks)
    Wks 1-6: T4 (unsure of how much to take - i have 100mcg tablets)
    Wks 7-12: Stanazol [Winstrol ] (1mL ED @50mg/ml - 6 days per week)
    PCT - Nolvadex /Clomid etc [doses yet to be determined]

    NB: Please can someone assist me in structuring the use of these various compounds (Especially T4 & Clen). Should i take them at the same time? Should you ramp up/ramp down dosage/pyramid etc?? Are there any other supplements that anyone else would advise to take with such a cycle.

    ADDITIONALLY - would anyone advise taking the T4 or the CLEN all the way throughout, even at the same time that i start taking Stanazol?? Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Additional Note (2)

    The CLEN that i have is an Australian Vet Version - BRONCOPULMIN (ORAL BRONCHODILATOR FOR HORSES) - It states that it's active constituent is 16 ug/g Clenbuterol Hydrochloride equivalent to 14.1 ug/g CLENBUTEROL.
    I am unsure how this affects the measurement and am particularly confused about dosage amounts. No body here goes really above 200mcg per day - yet i have no way to measure such a minute amount. The product i have comes enclosed with a 10g measure only - i normally only judge by eye and take a tip of a teaspoon with the most i have ever haid being a whole teaspoon, which made me feel awful. Can anyone suggest an accurate way to measure such a substance, or can anyone tell me more about it. By the way the expiration date is JAN 2005 - i assume there is nothing wrong with using it - can anyone see a reason to believe otherwise???

    THANKS FELLAS - sorry for being so verbose. Just too many questions, not enough answers....

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