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    Blood Testing Baseline. Please Help!

    Hey Everyone,

    I am about to do my first cycle.I priced out the '15 Standard Tests' listed here and it came out to $1000s of dollars!

    Keep in mind, my insurance does not pay for blood tests whether their ordered by the doctor or not. I'm not in school so I have to go out of pocket. I can't be the only one. More and more insurance carriers pass lab test fees onto the patient.

    What of the 15 are in your opinion, the most critical for establishing a baseline.

    Your help is really, really, really appreciated! Also, anyone know any good places to go?

    Thank you thank you thank you...

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    what is your exact question?
    i dont see the reasoning in doing bloodtests while you are on a cycle because all of the results will be wacked. if your doing the tests to get prescribed juice then its a different story, i would get LH FSH and test, its not on the list but i reccomend getting tested for IGF-1.

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    I was told it was a good idea to test before doing you first cycle to have a baseline for the future.

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