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    Prop and Arotest

    I just started arotest and if no one knows (which i'm sure ya'll do) it has 200 mg E and 50mg Prop. I went ahead and got another bottle of straight prop and am going 100 mg eod and the arotest every five days. the question i have is sometimes my aro days are back to back w/ my prop days . should i wait a day in between or is it ok to get 350 - 450 mg of test in three days?
    another thing , ya'll think im fine w/out the anti-e's for a while or should i go ahead and start nolva?

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    if you are going to do it like that, you should shoot the aratest every 3.5 days. and just run 50mg of prop. ed that you don't take the aratest. Yes run nolva throughout.

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