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    Question Need Expert Critique Clen/t4/propionate Cycle


    Gday fellas. I have done two reasonable cycles before, and am happy with my size, just want to lean out and cut down on body fat. I am proposing to do the above cycle - noting that i am using Thyroxinne (T4) rather then T3 (due to its' lack of availability in Australia). I am not completely sure what is the best way to run the T4 and CLEN , thus i am seeking any knowledge that anyone out there may have. I am going to run it as such;

    Wks 1-12: Testosterone Propionate (1mL ED - 6 days per week)
    Wks 1-6: Clenbuterol (starting off at 100mcg per day up to 200mcg per day - then remaining at such for whole 6 weeks)
    Wks 1-6: T4 (unsure of how much to take - i have 100mcg tablets)
    Wks 7-12: Stanazol [Winstrol ] (1mL ED @50mg/ml - 6 days per week)
    PCT - Nolvadex /Clomid etc [doses yet to be determined]

    NB: Please can someone assist me in structuring the use of these various compounds (Especially T4 & Clen). Should i take them at the same time? Should you ramp up/ramp down dosage/pyramid etc?? Are there any other supplements that anyone else would advise to take with such a cycle.

    ADDITIONALLY - would anyone advise taking the T4 or the CLEN all the way throughout, even at the same time that i start taking Stanazol?? Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Ok first of all forget the T4 you should not use it for any type of cutting or diet cycle at all, you want T3. Next you are on the clen too long continuously. You need to do a 3 weeks on 2 weeks off, but your amounts look ok. Test prop looks perfect as does the winny

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    200mcg is quite a bit for clen ..i woudl start at 60mcg and work my way up (80,100,120..etc) and find your dosage. personally i dont like over 120mcg

    t4, id start with 50mcg and ramp it up to about 300mcg and then slowly taper back down over the course of 6wks. you could probally think of t4 as about 1/4 as strong as t3...but the half life is very very long on it.

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