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Thread: Femara dose

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    Femara dose

    On my next cycle I have enough femara to use .5 ED, but I have read lately that this may be to much. I have seen .25 EOD and .5 EOD and I dont know which is best. I am prone to gyno and want to use it for bloat too. What do you bro's think is a optimum dose?

    My next cycle is: weeks 1-20 750 test enanthate per week
    weeks 1-12 500 mgs tren enanthate per week
    weeks 10-20 400 mgs EQ per week
    weeks 13-20 50 mgs winny ED
    weeks 3-20 4 IU's of HGH 5 on 2 off
    IGF 25 days on 4 weeks off at 40 mcgs PWO duration
    HCG at 500 IU's every third day
    Femara at a good dose

    Thanks for the advice fullstrut

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    I run .25 ED on my cycles. Works fine for me...

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