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    Insulin Question

    I have Humalog i will take the shot then drink the 100grams dextrose with creatine and glutamine right away then 20 minutes will have my protein shake then 30 minutes later have my chicken and my question is what is the best carb for your meal thanks guys

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    budday, i recommend, with humalog - taking everything immediately, because humalog acts immediately - this way will give you better benefits and, it is much much safer.
    yo, this thread is in the wrong place.. it should be under insulin questions - thats why your gettin no replys

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    i have a shake right after i inject that consists of 70grams of carbs and 55grams of protein, then an hour later i eat a low fat or fat free meal. you probably shoot your insulin right after your workout so you want to take that protein right away so the insulin gets it into your muscles and obviously the carbs will keep you alive.

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