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    Test,Eq,Winny Cycle

    I'm currently 22, 6', around 200 lbs and my bodyfat is around 8%. I've been training consistently for over 4 years now. This is going to be my second cycle. This is what i have planned...

    Weeks 1-11 500mg Test E (Mon&Thurs)
    Weeks 1-10 400mg Eq (Mon&Thurs)
    Weeks 7-13 50mg Winny ED

    weeks 1-4 20mg nolva
    weeks 1-4 300,150,50mg clomids

    *I have 2.5mg X 60ml bottle of letro to run throughout the cycle, my question is how much do i run. I wasnt prone to gyno or very much water retention on my previously Deca cycle. Also this might sound like a dumb question, but i want to mix the Test and Eq to lower total # of pins. How is this done, every injection? If so how do you accurately get 1ml from the second compound, as you always drawl to much and have to inject some back into the bottle to make an even 1ml. Or do you just mix 10mls of each into a 20 mls vial, and thats accurate every shot too ? I'm not dumb, just uneducated on this matter. Any other thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated. I have access to a lot of other compounds.

    Thanks guys

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    looks pretty good, but I would run the Eq for 12 weeks and test for 13 and move the winny two weeks too. Eq really needs to be run for 12 weeks to see results. Its quite easy to mix in the same syringe. Just pull the needle back to 1ml, insert into test bottle, inject that 1ml of air into vial and draw 1ml of test. Hold the needle upside down and draw it back to 2cc, you should have 1cc of test and 1 cc of air, insert into Eq bottle inject air and then fill with 1ml of Eq. Dont mix them into a 20ml vial.

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    Bump on the letro dosage. As far as mixing the EQ and Enan, what u do is draw 1cc of either one... and with the same pin draw 1cc from the other... then change your pin for injection. I wouldnt worry much about getting exactly on the 1cc mark, I rarely do.
    btw Im on that same cycle, Im in wk 4 though. peace/

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