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    what supps while cycling?

    Alright guys, I was gonna put this in the supplement section but since it is about supps while on cycle i put it in the steroid section. I just ordered and will be starting my cycle in the next few weeks. I will be doing......

    wks 1-12 Test Prop 75mg ED
    wks 4-12 Anavar 50-75mg ED (havnt decided which does yet)

    I was wondering what kind of supplements i should be taking. I already got milk thistle, hawthorne berry, multi, glutamine, and am gonna pick up some r-ALA. Just wondering what else i should be taking???? thanks for any input fellas.

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    other than an anti e i would just stick to wut u already have bro, some trib is always good to run as well.

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    thank you, appreciate the info

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    I agree with the tribulus. I like b12 too.

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