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    couple of mixed questions

    hey bros, i know the gear will kick in about 3-5 weeks after the beginning of the cycle, but when it does "kick in" what would the mg in the blood be?

    is it ok to up the doses in the middle of a cycle? im currently on 250mg susta/week and 200mg deca /week (with 4 first weeks dbol as kickstart). could i up the susta to 500mg/week and deca to 400mg/week for 3 weeks then go back to the old doses before the end of the cycle?

    and the last question, how many mg is it ok to inject into the thigh in one shot? i was thinking about 3cc on tuesdays in the left and 3cc on fridays in the right, would that work or is it to much for the thigh?

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    Run both at a constant level throughout the cycle> Don't pyrimid the dosages.
    When your using sus the more frequent injections the better.

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