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    can anadrol, d-boll, and winstrol powders be taken straight?

    Well I ma mixing up some fina this week, it will be my first time trying and I am pretty excited.

    I dont have a good source on any of the powders yet but I do have a question...

    the anadrol , d-boll and winstrol powders... can they be measured out in say 25 or 50mg doses and be taken orallly just like you would the tablets or am I missing something here...

    also if this is in fact the case, I am looking for a place to buy empty gel-caps online....

    and I wouldnt be against anyone PMing me with a reliable source for the powders....

    thanks in advance

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    Yeah, but it aint gonna taste too good...

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    The gelcaps can be bought at any high end health food store. If not then google "gel caps" and you should find them that way. Cheap as hell.

    To be honest, I'd recommend not measureing out individual 25 mg doses, etc. Its quite a small dose and you can screw it up. Go with a everclear suspension for orals, JUST NEVER FOR injectables, use grape seed or sesame seed oil for injectables.

    ALSO, dont trust anyone that PM's you as a powder source... since you just opened yourself up to ALL the scammers here!


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