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    How were your experiences with tren and hairloss?

    I am prone to MPB however I can run test sucessfully at 500mgs and recieve no hair loss. I use azelaic acid/minoxidil and spiro for my hair. How much worse would a tren /test cycle be? Because I am very interested in using tren eventually.

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    Test over 750mg makes me shed hair pretty good, I'm prone to MPB, not servely but noticeabley, Dbol is worse at moderate doses, but Tren didn't have any effect at all on my hair.

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    test and winstrol is normally what is hard on the hairline....

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    Tren is VERY harsh on the hairline for a lot of people, but some people take it and they don't lose any hair at all. It really just depends on how your body reacts to it, but in general it has been known to be one of the harshest on the hair besides the ones that are already DHT derivatives like winny and masteron .

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