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    Test flu or not..?

    My boy had started taking test prop 4 days ago doing ED injections 75mg. every day so far he has been complaining of headaches on top of the painful spots he is injecting into. i am on the same stuff at 100mgs ED and have had no problems. what do you guys think is wrong with him? how should he go about it and should he be taking aspirin or anything to help.

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    I would try lowering to 50mg ed. Just my .02

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    where does he inject & does he tense up while injecting? My buddy used to tense his neck up while injecting and always got headaches from doing so. He learned to relax and no longer has the problem. The only spots that have painful for me have been in my thighs, sore for 2 days. Delts and glutes are good to go though. Have him ice the injection site for 15 minutes. I haven't had any headaches, but i do have test flu..feels like a weak cold.

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    panadol bro

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