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    Need Help, Cycle Ques

    I get home from school the 3rd week of May and Im lookin to jump right on when i get back.

    As far as injections
    week 1-10- 500mg of ICN test
    week 1-10- 400mg of Supra EQ

    Now my question.. i picked up 300 pink thai d-bols (5mg)... but i really would like to start poppin them my last 3 or 4 weeks up here (at school), just so i can be in full swing already when i get home, have a little extra strength and mass.. so my question is would it be a bad idea to start them 3 weeks before i start the test and eq, but still be takin them 3 weeks into the test and EQ... or would it just be better to start everything at the same time..figure the dbols can last me about 6 weeks at 35mg a day...

    thanks in advance for any responses

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    6 weeks is too long. 5 weeks max. I suggest 4 weeks. And I would only start 1 week before you start the test. But it would be best to start them all together.

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