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    Im ready to inject new areas, what can I do with 23g?

    Ive been doing tren ED and I mix my test e and EQ so I pretty much shooy 2ccs of gear every day... I have until now only done the glute region and outer upper thigh...

    I have 23g needles and plenty of juice and alchohol swabs... but I dont really know what I am doing...

    what can I realisiticly use 23g pinz on, I can order 25g too... and what site has good pics for all the site injections...

    and whats the final verdict on localized growth? Is it just making the muscle bigger from the oil pumped in or is there any truth to it?

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    Delts are simple to shoot. Injections are the most painless I've done.

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    With 25g you can do easily in shoulder 1'', quad 1''ans biceps 1/2'' to 3/4 '' is enough, hope this will help

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