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    Everyone here has GYNO? OMG!!!!!!!!

    interesting write up re: nolva vs clomid 4 pct

    Ok now that I have your attention we need a revamp or somthing ...I have read that nolv is superior to clomid..and then they are different and then they are the same..and then you need both..and then nothing at all unless signs of gyno..everyone says hcg and thats fine but seems like they jump on the clomid wagon just like I did..research after research is ending up with the same answers that everyone has said time and time again but there is still arguments?..who is right?..we need a definate answer..and then everyone can do the same pct to get the naddys goin keep the gains and get back together clean of acne and well being....and get back to the can we all try to post here clean and civilized on theyre opinions for A PROPER PCT and then we can go with the concensous..please read the above threads first..regardless of your cycle history....Do I sound pushy?

    interesting write up re: nolva vs clomid 4 pct

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    Clomid = Clomiphene citrate
    nolvadex = tamoxifen

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