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    replacement thearapy

    i have ran two cycles in the past .its been 1 year since last cycle i just started hormone replacement thearapy. at only 250 mg of prop per week and 200 mg of deca week. on clinics recomendation.i know this therapy isnt meant to yeild any big gains but was wondering if i should expect to see any noticable muscle gains at all on this low dose?

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    Yes, maybe nothing major, but if your training and diet are on, then you could see some decent gains. There are people that run low dose cycle with good results.

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    Low dose cycles are great for beginners and will yield great results for them but for someone with a few cycles under his belt and sonce you've been off for awhile you should get decent results. Another thing, are you sure it's 250 test prop/wk? Most HRT docs usually give a longer acting ester like cyp/enan which would require only one shot per week unlike a daily shot with prop. Check to make sure.

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