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    do expiration dates matter much?

    i used to work out big time for about 5 years. 2 yrs ago i quit and recently(6 months ago) started back up natural so far. i have a lot of stuff left over that has exp dates of 2001. would it still be alright to take it when/if i decide to start cycling again?

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    I think you should be ok... but it's up to you... some people say, its not a good idea, why risk it. And other say you'll be fine.

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    The substance will not suddenly be bunk, but most manufacturers guarantee the substance until the expiration date. Beyond, they cannot guarantee it is the same.

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    It will not be as potent, but that's about it. It's not like this is milk. Now if it had expired like 5 years ago, I might be concerned with contaminants, etc.

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    actually you can use pharmacy item up to 6 months PAST exp date and still get the normal results. after 6 months it will begin to deteriorate and loose its potency. the only reason I know this is because I used to work in a Pham. unfortunately I don't anymore and can't help ya'll out

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