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    Light dosage T3/Clen

    Question bros

    im currently @ 185 & 11% bodyfat & am looking for something to get down those last few %'s. My diet is in check & i do cardio 5-6 days a week (twice a day) along with lifting.

    Ive got some clen & t3 & plan on running them together, but i do not want to run an androgen/anabolic base. I dont like dealing with shutdown & trying to regain natural test production ( i have natty test above 800pts.).

    so i've devised a plan & want some feedback as to how effective it will be.
    this is what i plan on doing while running Clen/T3

    daily suppliments:

    protien (250-300gms a day)
    coupled with dosages of CE2-required dose
    30gms of glutamine
    3000mg of viatimine C
    300mg of ALA

    as for the clen & T3

    i plan to do a 7on 7 off cycle combining the two

    ramping up the clen to about 80-100mcg & keeping the T3 @ steady 20mcg/day for the 7 "on" days

    i dont really tolerate the clen very well so that is why i am short cycling it.
    i will be keeping my current gym schedule with cardio twice daily & lifting 4 days a week.

    then switching to either ECA or HOT-Rox on the off days----

    i dont wanna ramp up the T3 to the ridiculous 175mcg/day---as i am not running an androgen base & i wanna spare as much muscle as possible.

    so basically i am running the T3 as just to amplify my natural production & not riskin thyroid rebound/fat gain.


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    Without AAS I'd stick with 25-50mcg of T3 max. Remember when you cycle you need to go on or off the T3 and clen at the same time. Both are inhibitory to the thyroid.

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    Clen inhibits the tyroid? really? **** i had no clue
    but yeah, i dont plan to use more than 20mcg/t3 a day for 1week intervals.

    im doin all the trenchwork, just need that little bit of extra to get where i wanna go.
    ive been goin hardcore since January

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