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    Question Anadrol 50 Newbie

    First off..I found this site researching anadrol 50. Ive read the profile of anadrol 50 and how it should be taken with Nolvadex and Proviron . As well as many other factors involving it's use. But there is still some areas that Im a little stumped about what I should do. I also read that when you use it you should follow up with something else.

    This will be my first cycle. My friend can only get this, so I dont know if I should take this by its self or not( I know the profile said it shouldnt be taken alone). But this is all he can get right now. Im not looking for a huge gain. Just a gradual increase. So I was thinking about cutting the pills in half for a week or two then taking a full pill a day. I know the profile said up to four but Im kind of leery about that much.

    Should I even take this? Ive been lifting for a year now and I havent made the progress I was hoping for. If I do take this..can anyone offer any tips?
    I know this probably sounds ridiculous but after reading all this info, I would rather hear it from people that used it instead of those who manufacture it.

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    dont take it alone bro, otherwise youl loose all the gains.
    anadrols arnt for the first time users, dianabol would be
    better there,

    its also best to make sure youve lifted for at least 2 years especaily
    before ****ing with anadrols and if you do take them now make
    sure you stack it with testosterone enatnate or cypionate .

    and do proper pct. nolva/clomid take the proviron through out your cycle.

    just save them till your more prepared.

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