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    What Would Shut You Down Harder?

    250mg Week of Sustenon
    300mg Week of Durabolin
    And Is Durabolin Any easier on edogenous teste levels than Deca Durabolin ?

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    Don't know if D or Deca is easier on test production, but both will shut you down harder and faster than test because they act as prolactins on the hpta.

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    At the molecular level all steroids are based on test in form and will shut down the body's endogenous production of test rapidly. Sustanon would probably shut you down quicker, but only by a day or two, not significantly enough to make a diff in cycle planning. No fan of sust myself I like all my test to last awhile(cyp or ethan)

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    They're both nandrolone and so are very rough of the HPTA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joevette
    They're both nandrolone and so are very rough of the HPTA.
    there you have it. i try to stter clear of deca and its fast acting brothers just for that reason.

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