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    5,000iu HCG amps

    Iv got hcg amps that are 5000iu's each. The thing is if i do need to use them then i would only inject 500iu's at a time. The solvent with each is 1ml. Could i just add 10% of each 5000iu amp of hcg (ie.500iu) to the 1 ml?

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    No, mix all of the solvent with the powder and then used the mixed solvent as needed, using the correct amount for 500ius.

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    Just buy some extra Bacteriostatic water and a sealed sterile
    vial... Add 10ml of the water with the powder and then you'll
    have 500iu's per ml and it will be all mixed up and ready to go..
    Just keep the vial in the fridge... Easy to do it that way IMO...

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    Buff is correct. Mix according to directions, then dilute with dacteriostatic water to a strength that is convenient for you. You might want your 500iu to be exactly 1ml, or exactly .5ml etc. Whatever. Crunch the numbers and figure it out. Oh, and refrigerate the leftovers. It will keep in your fridge for a month or two, no probs. Maybe longer?

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