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    Apr 2005

    any definitive hcg experiences?

    too much contradictory hcg info out there.

    500 test e 14 wk
    400 deca 12 wk

    i read swale's thread and others. anyone have more than anecdotal info to share? i was going to start hcg wk 5, 250 x 2 per week, up to the commencement of pct. others recommend 2000 every 4 days. WTF?

    is l-dex a good compliment or just nolva?

    clomid + hcg a no-no?


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    Jan 2005
    i would listen to Dr.Swale because he is a real HRT doctor so he knows what he is talking about take 250-500ius 2x week im on a 5months cycle and i did it like that and i have no problems with libido ,the big doses they can damage your cells and i have read alot of clinical studies on the subject and small doses are the way to go.
    I wouldnt take l-dex in Pct use Nolva.

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    i hit 300-500iu's every 4-5 days, this is my first time using it during cycle, and i am very pleased,

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    I was told to take 1cc for 5 days in the middle of my cycle and to repeat the same at the very end of my cycle followed by pct. This was told to me by one of the counslers at an anti-aging clinic.

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