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Thread: PCT Question...

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    PCT Question...

    I am just about to start a Test Prop, Equipoise , and Winstrol Cycle. I am under the impression that I need to start my PCT 3 days after my last injection of Test Prop, but 3 weeks after my last injection of Equipoise. If I am running both of the Steroids for the same amount of time(10 weeks) what should I do? Should I increse the amount of weeks that I take my Clomid, or should I inject small amounts of Test Prop until the Equipoise is out of my system? This will be my first cycle after 4 years of hard training and dieting and I want to make sure I come of off of it correctly. Any help on this matter would be much appreciated!

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    first off, IMO EQ should be runn longer than 12 weeks anyway, second, you should extend the prop 3 weeks past EQ. then start clomid

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