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Thread: Where to go

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    Where to go

    Hey guys I am planning a trip to Mexico this summer and I have only been one time and that time I went with someone who has been bfore and knew where to go. I want to get some deca but I dont know where you get it, When I went last time the only place i recall seeing it was at a pharmacy. Is that the only place? And where would I get some HCG .

    Thanks for any help yall can give me


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    I think the local walmart over there has them... This is such a stupid question.

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    fukcinell im in england and i know you cn get it at wallmart.

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    Very simple, bro. Anabolics are legal in Mexico. You can climb into any taxi cab and the driver will be more than happy to assist you. Actually, if you have an BB physique, don't be surprised if he asks you if you're looking for anabolics.

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