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    advice on best cycle for power and speed

    I play rugby and am looking to get greater gains in speed and power ( no big size gains )and out of my system within 3 months.
    before doing any research, i was advised that a cycle of primobolan (inject) and winstrol (oral) over 8 weeks was my best option.
    Any advice on this cycle or alternatives would be much appreciated

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    musclestack is offline Productive Member
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    Mar 2005
    Power-yes. However, I've never found any information on how AAS will increase speed.

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    UK, Lancashire
    I wouldn't advise taking winstrol as it can have quite an effect on your joints and you dont want that. I don't think steroids are your answer yet but if your not looking to add mass but strength then var might be an option for you.

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    Just go with 200mg of primo depo 200mg/week

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    Quote Originally Posted by musclestack
    Power-yes. However, I've never found any information on how AAS will increase speed.
    Hey bro ever heard of Ben Johnson-he might beg to differ

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    with proper training and technique ... one can become faster

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    Lets face it - Ben was quick anyhow! He was also unfortunate! Charlie Francis said that he had been clean for ages - he got caught with Stanolozol. It is said that Winstrol /Stanolozol can attach to fatty tissue and show up at a later date even though you may have passed a drugs test at an earlier point - this is what happened with Ben. read the article in the archives on "Anabolic Athletics" by Charlie Francis

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