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Thread: Sydgroup Vs Qv

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    BKLYNSUPERMAN is offline New Member
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    Apr 2005

    Sydgroup Vs Qv

    I have of Qv Winny and Sydgroup Winny (Anabolic St with the Kangaroo on it) and originally i was goin to just take both but i am hearing so many mixed reviews about Sydgroup when i search post on it so i was wondering if i should get rid of the Sydgroup and just do all Qv Winny or if you guys think i'm alright with the Sydgroup. Thanks...

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    DarkKnightAZ is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2005
    If they are both legit from both companies.. Take them both.

    I have ran QV winny and switched to Sydgroup winny in the middle of cycle.

    Sydgroup actually didnt hurt as bad as the QV Winny.

    Your good to go BRO!!

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    wrestler152 is offline Associate Member
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    Apr 2005
    i've used sydgroup products and wasn't happy with results at all.

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    somewhere in HELL !!!
    Im happy with my QV Winny,but it hurts as mother %^&#$@ !!!

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