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Thread: hair loss?

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    hair loss?

    i just started my winny only cycle doing 100 eod and im on my 3rd shot so today i ran hand through my hair i i was shading like a dog is that possible from only 3 shots or am i just paranod couse im about to stop this.[i know winny only but thats all i wanna do but like to keep my hair]thanx

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    Could be either, paranoia or sheding. SOme people shed like crazy from Winny and some lose none. The best things you can do to try and stop it is topical Sprio, Minoxidile (sp?), Azelaic Acid, etc.


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    my hair is falling out now, knowing that you're not including test in your cycle!!!!

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    seems quick but possible-if you are prone to mpb at all stay away from winni-made me shed before I knew any better.

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